Tunnel Square

Tunnel Square, Faculty of Science and Technology +Pharmacy 1870-1905

The northern part of the Place du Tunnel, with its buildings (numbers 11, 12, and 13) that were to house the new pharmacy section and the chemistry laboratories in 1873 before they were moved to the Place du Château in 1884. The laboratory of zoology and comparative anatomy occupied the Sollichon house (no. 10) until it moved to the Palais de Rumine.

The premises on the Place du Tunnel, refurbished and supplemented by the rental of the building (No. 10), housed the laboratories of mineralogy, zoology and comparative anatomy before they moved to the Palais de Rumine (1905). The laboratory of industrial electricity, created by Adrien Palaz, the future director of the 1′ Ecole d' ingénieurs to whom 1′ we owe the construction of the Lausanne tramway network, is also housed in the Tunnel buildings.