Morlot Charles Adolphe


Karl Adolf von Morlot was born on 22.3.1820 in Naples and died on 10.2.1867 in Bern. He studied geology and mathematics in Bern, Paris and Freiberg from 1838 to 1846. He was a mining inspector for the Austrian state and contributed to the geological mapping of the Alps and to mineralogical research on dolomite. He was appointed professor of geology at the academy of Lausanne between 1851 and 1854 where he mainly studied the quaternary.

From 1855 he studied prehistory throughout northern Europe. He was also curator of the archaeological collections in Bern (1865-1867). Finally he also became interested in experimental psychology and ethnomusicology.

Source: Weidmann, Marc: "Morlot, Adolphe", in: Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (DHS)Version of 26.01.2010. Online:, accessed on 23.02.2022.

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