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Aymon Baud

From 1977 to 1983, Aymon Baud (Geological Museum) participated in excursions, field campaigns and research in Ladakh and Zanskar (North India). Initiator of the research group on the Himalayas of the Museum and the University of Lausanne, he organized with Professors A. Escher, H. Masson and A. Steck the first geo-traverse of Eastern Zanskar, Hemis-Padum, in 1979. In 1981, he organized an expedition with Prof. G. Masde (Grenoble) and Dr. E. Garzanti (Milan) to make detailed stratigraphic sections and tectonic observations in central Zanskar, N and E of the Spongtang ophiolite klippe. In 1983, invited by Prof. M. Gaetani (Milan), he participated in a SE-NW geotraverse from Darcha (l.ahul) to Thongde (Zanskar) via Sarchu, Phirtse-La and Phugtal.
As western Tibet was only opened to foreigners in 1985, he was the first western geologist to enter the Kaila region after A. Gansser in 1936 and to cross the Tibetan plateau from Toling on the Sutlej valley to Yarkand, north of the Kun-Lun range.
For the collection of samples on the classic sections of the Permian-Triassic boundary, he participated in 1987 in an IGCP field meeting at Sall Ranges (Pakistan) followed by a field campaign in Kashmir (India) with Prof. G.Gaetani, J. Marcoux and E.T. Tozer.
In October 1988, he organized with Professors H. Masson, G. Stämpfli and A. Steck the fourth Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet workshop in Lausanne. Steck the fourth Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet workshop in Lausanne and was the editor of the conference proceedings published in Eclogae Geol. Helv. vol. 82.2 (1989).

The main results obtained in collaboration with the above mentioned teams can be summarized as follows:

  1. The discovery and definition of a large-scale vergent nappe structure in the Zanskars sedimentary belt (Tethys Himalaya). Despite strong opposition and controversy about the nappe theory by native-minded geologists, the nappe structure has recently been confirmed by detailed fieldwork and mapping.
  2. A geological profile through East Zanskar from Hemis to Padum.
  3. Detailed stratigraphic sections of the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary sediments of central Zanskar with geodynamic interpretation of the sedimentary record of the northward flight to India.
  4. New observations in the Kailas region and along the Sutlej-Yarkand geotraverse.
  5. Permian-Triassic isotope stratigraphy in the Salt Ranges and Kashmir.
  6. A new geodynamic interpretation and chronology of Late Paleozoic rifting.


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Laurent Spring

Since 1979, geologists from the University of Lausanne have been working in the Himalayas, in particular over a distance of about 200 km between the Indus Valley in the north and the Rohtang Pass in the south. The study was conducted under the active supervision of Professors H. Masson and A. Steck, and involved four doctoral theses and several specialist field sessions.

The entire cross-section has been mapped at 1:50,000 scale and numerous lithostratigraphic sections have been established for the Indus Molasse, the Mixed Zone, the Distal Lamayuru Unit, the Tibetan Zone and the High Himalayan Crystalline. Detailed stratigraphic studies have been carried out on the Indus molasse, Paleozoic and Lower Triassic of the Tibetan zone.

  1. The good knowledge of this cross-section allowed the Lausanne group to propose coherent models for the pre-collisional history of the northern margin of India and the tectonic-metamorphic evolution of the region during the Tertiary. The main points are:
    New interpretations of the Lower Cambrian depositional environment.
  2. Evidence for extensional events during the so-called Pan-African Orogeny during the Ordo-Silurian.
  3. The Late Paleozoic pre-rift history has been divided into three tectono-magmatic levels ranging from the Lower Carboniferous to the Upper Permian.
  4. A new model for the tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the suture zone, the Tibetan zone, and the crystalline nappes has been proposed.Detailed structural studies highlight the presence of early NE vergent defoliation in the southern crystalline domain.
  5. Metamorphic constraints are based on petrography, electron microprobe analyses of illite crystallinity and radiometric data (K/Ar, Ar/Ar).
  6. A discontinuous reverse metamorphic zonation in the Tibetan zone was revealed by the illite crystallinity method and radiometry.
  7. Detailed structural analysis has revealed late extensional structures in the Tibetan zone.

This work has been summarized in four doctoral theses (Stutz 1988; Spring 1992; Vannay 1993; Talon (in progress)}, and in publications. The members of the Lausanne group have given several lectures and poster presentations at the Himalaya - Karakorum - Tibet workshops (organizers of the 1988 session in Lausanne), in Grenoble (1990) and in China (Kashgar 1992).


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