Burri Marcel

Born in 1929, Marcel Burri attended school in France until the war. From 1941, he attended secondary school in Sion, obtaining his maturité in 1949. Undoubtedly attracted by Lausanne, he then came to study geology there, receiving his geology diploma in 1953. As an assistant and doctoral student, he obtained the degree of Doctor of Science in 1955.
This was followed by a few years spent in the ice and in the Far North. Indeed, Mr. Burri worked at the Institute of Oceanography in Gothenburg in 1956, then until 1958 at the Geological Survey of Greenland. It is perhaps from these icy years that he has kept his natural protections such as his imposing hair and his majestic beard.
Mr. Burri's teaching career began in 1958, when he was appointed head of work at the Geological Institute of Lausanne. He became a lecturer in 1963 and an extraordinary professor in 1967, before being appointed ordinary professor in 1978. His students constitute a very varied and heterogeneous public since they belong to our Faculty, to the EPFL and also to the Faculty of Letters with whom his pedagogical talents work wonders. Do not see this as a polite compliment, but rather as an expression of a truth obtained at first hand. Indeed, my eldest son is a letter-writer of the worst kind, allergic to everything scientific. This did not prevent him from saying to me one day after a course given by Mr. Burri, "I would never have thought that small stones could be so interesting. These heavy teaching duties did not prevent Mr. Burri from working on several geological fronts. He went on further missions to Greenland and then, probably to warm up, made several study trips to East Africa. In our country, he participated in the study of highway projects before going on a crusade against Cedra and radioactive waste repositories. In the peace of his office and in the field, he continued to work on the cartography of the Valais Alps, and was very interested in the geology of the Quartenaire.
Bernard Testa, Dean of the Faculty of Science.
Source: UNILausanne n°50, 1987





  • The landslide of Sierre: The hills from Finges to Grône, 2013
    Comments: Marcel Burri.
    Production and direction: Bernard Jeker.

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  • Broadcast Impatience 16.08.2011: RTS la 1ère.

List of publications

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